Friday, August 23, 2019

Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Week 3 - Essay Example Helen has suffered the ordeal twice on campus by the same person. She has the right to report the matter to the university. She fears the punishment the university may execute on the perpetrator. On the other hand, she is at ease opening up to the psychologist as she counts on her right of confidentiality assured by psychotherapy (Pope & Vasquez, 2011). Ethically, individuals need to protect the welfare of others. The psychologist complies with the code of ethics of psychotherapy and the universitys policy. Among other ethical principles, psychotherapy upholds confidentiality, honesty, respect and mandatory disclosure. Respect demands the psychologist to regard Helen’s dignity and openness with him. The psychologist needs to be honest about his take on the issue. Confidentiality entails treating a patient’s information with privacy and discretion. Situations of potential harm to the individual or on others require mandatory disclosure to relevant authorities (Garber, 2008). Several options are available to the psychologist. He can support Helen in keeping the information secret so as to maintain her trust in him (Pope & Vasquez, 2011). He has the choice to report the case to the university to meet his obligation to the university policy and uphold professionalism. Supporting Helen to keep the sexual-harassment secret will mean dealing with the uncertainty that the culprit will not attempt to harass her again. They would not know whether the individual has harassed others. Helens abuser can continue with his ordeal if not reported. On the other hand, reporting the case to the university authorities may cost Helen’s trust in the psychologist. It will also demonstrate that the psychologist upholds university policy and the code of ethics of psychotherapy (Garber, 2008). It may help discipline Helen’s abuser and stop him from harassing her and others on campus. Respecting Helen and her initiative to seek help

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