Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Final Night Aboard Essays

The Final Night Aboard Essays The Final Night Aboard Essay The Final Night Aboard Essay Im Mark Fortune, and Im aboard the Titanic, also sometimes know as The Unsinkable Ship. I have been aboard the Titanic since it set onward from Southampton. I am traveling with my family; all except my oldest two, who decided to stay behind at the mansion in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My family and I have been being accompanied by some of my personal friends John Ross, Thomas McCaffry, Thomson Beattie. We have been vacationing in many places such as Egypt, where John had became very ill. As a whole we decided that it would be best to head home, because we were all exhausted from our long journeys. So we cancelled our traveling plans, and made 1st Class reservation on the Titanic. Today has been an interesting day. Earlier I heard mention of approaching an ice field later this night from a crewmember to another crewmember. Many others on the ship had reported the same to me, but not one bothered to even appeal to the idea of a problem happening on this voyage. This day had been that of a normal day, nothing had happen today to bring much attention toward anything unparticular. It was a day at sea; the sun was out, and the sound of the ocean could be heard abroad. After having dinner I decided to retire for the night, and later be joined by my beautiful wife, Mary McDougald Fortune. After being asleep for a great while I was startled and woken up. I heard a scrapping noise from the ship, but didnt think much of it. I decided that since I had been waken up I should go investigate what had happened. I proceeded by getting some attire on including my favorite Buffalo coat, which my wife absolutely hated. It was very worn, but did its job to keep me warm. I noticed as I exited my room that I was not the only one that decided to investigate the noise. I heard someone mention seeing a large white cone like feature, which we seem to hit. Many re-entered their rooms to return back to sleep. I

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