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Catherines determination and is getting angry Essay Example for Free

Catherines determination and is getting angry Essay Now she has admitted to herself, not only to Rodolfo that she is afraid of Eddie. She is trying to escape Eddie and her feelings for him because she could picture what would happen if she stayed. It would be an awkward situation with Eddie and Beatrice keeping an eye on what she is doing. Although Eddie is not Catherines father, he is a very strong father figure to her and the man of the house. The immigrant community is very much a patriarchal society, parallel to Italy. The father and male is an authority figure. Eddie is very protective of Catherine in both positive and negative ways. Eddie really loves and cares for Catherine, and will do anything to protect and look after her, but his love for her is obsessive and possessive. Eddie feels he should choose her husband, as was the done thing in Italy, but Eddie cannot let go of Catherine. Up to the end of page 44 Rodolfo reassures her that they wont be living in Eddies house for much longer and tells her about his ideas for the future, to stay in New York legally, marry Catherine, have their own house and find a better job. Yet Catherine is still interested if he had to go and live in Italy because they had to, would he? Rodolfo, at this point, is getting quite aggravated by her persistence in wanting to go to the country he desperately left, to escape his problems. After they argue about this for a little, this makes the audience more involved in their fight. It makes the audience want the best for the couple but they cant solve their differences because they are only watching. Rodolfo is seemingly surprised at Catherines determination and is getting angry. Maybe this is a test to see if Rodolfo really does love her. If he does, he would marry her whenever, wherever. Rodolfo tries again to tell her. Rodolfo ~ No; I will not marry you to live in Italy. I want you to be my wife, and I want to be a citizen. Tell him that, or I will. Yes. And tell him also, tell him yourself, please, that I am not a beggar, and you are not a horse, a gift, a favour for a poor immigrant. I believe this small speech is very suspicious because first of all he says he wont go to Italy, he will only be her husband if he marries her in America probably because he wants to be a citizen. Then he jumps straight to Eddie, who hasnt been mentioned for a while. It is clear that Eddie lies behind the mood of Catherines. He wants her to tell Eddie that he is not a beggar, yet Rodolfo doesnt explain why he cant do it himself. Even though Catherine is trying to calm Rodolfo as the dispute continues, Rodolfo feels the need to get things off his chest, and Catherine doesnt make any attempt to defend her suggestion. This is because she knows deep down he is right and is making up an excuse for indicating it to Roldolfo. He speaks again about how bad poor Italy is compared to, the land of hope glory, America. Now Rodolfo, again, brings up Eddie. The audience are, at this time, very emotionally involved and might take sides to the characters. They might even relate to this situation making it even more dramatic and effective. When Rodolfo asks why she is afraid for him and her reply is I dont know, it shows that she is unsure of her feelings toward Eddie because Eddie cant explain his feelings for her. Catherine ~ Its only that I- He was good to me, Rodolfo. You dont know him; he was always the sweetest guy to me. He razzes me the time but he dont mean it. I know. I would just feel ashamed if I made him sad. Cause I always dreamt that when I got married he would be happy at the wedding, and laughin- and now hes- mad all the time nasty. Tell him youd live in Italy- just tell him, and maybe he would start to trust you a little, see? Because I want him to be happy; I mean- like him Rodolfo- and I cant stand it! This confession shows the audience how a usually private Catherine is truly feeling inside. Catherine finally explains to Rodolfo the real situation between her and Eddie and what happened before the cousins came. Catherine really wants the two important men in her life to get along so she tries to explain Eddies unpredictable character to Rodolfo. Catherine explains about him criticising her all the time because she really wants him to understand. She describes her dreams of her wedding and thinks of a way of gaining Eddies trust. But the idea of moving to Italy has changed, because originally it was meant for her and Rodolfo to have a new life but now it has been replaced as a way of satisfying Eddie. It could show minor feelings for Eddie. Rodolfo realises how this whole situation is really making Catherine miserable and I think Rodolfo feels really sorry for her so doesnt challenge her again. He knows she has had enough. Catherine says that she loves Rodolfo, but he then replies with comment, which again, has a hint of humour. Rodolfo ~ Then why are you afraid? That hell spank you? He dismisses her personal confession. This could be put down to him not taking Catherine seriously and might imply that he is using her. I think that Catherine at this point will be (secretly) at breaking point with Rodolfo because he isnt making any effort to understand her situation. He isnt taking her thoughts into consideration and is making it out to be some kind of a joke. But maybe it was just a nai ve, honest question. Catherine ~ You dont know; nobody knows! Im not a baby, I know a lot more than people think I know. Beatrice says to be a woman, but- With Catherine bringing up the subject of Beatrice its obvious that the conversation between Beatrice and Catherine earlier on in the play has been playing on her mind. She must have been thinking about what Beatrice said to her and tried to act on the advice given. It is Beatrice who is quick to keep the ball rolling in a conversation and to help gloss over and neutralise difficulties and reactions in the many conversations. Beatrice is very attentive and she develops as Catherines mediator in the play and it is very much as a pacifier how the audience sees her. Now she is absent from this scene Catherine might feel bitter towards her because she is not here to watch her. Maybe this is another sign of Catherines insecurity. Next, I think there is a slight bit of jealousy on Catherines part. She starts complaining about Beatrice and her cold nature towards Eddie. I believe that she is trying to change the subject so they dont have to talk about Eddie anymore. She says she knows Eddie inside out and she doesnt understand why Beatrice is told her to make a stranger out of him. She dont know why I have to do that? She is showing that she loves Eddie almost as deeply as she loves her. Maybe, again, her acting nai ve and it always gets used against her. But she might not be acting on it. Rodolfo tries to explain the situation to her by using a metaphor to help her understand. They stop fighting and decide to go to bed with each other. They both know they cant fight each other because neither of them can win, they dont know enough about each other. Now Eddie is in the apartment and drunk the audience gets a sense that something exciting yet unpredictable may happen. Eddie looks impatiently in the kitchen for Beatrice who is asleep and Catherine enters from a bedroom, the atmosphere must be very tense and quiet in the theatre making the play more realistic.

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