Thursday, March 12, 2020

Promises, Promises made by George W. Bush essays

Promises, Promises made by George W. Bush essays The editorial No Child Left Behind, which appeared in the January 24th, 2005 Edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, clearly brings up important issues that need to be addressed with the current No Child Left Behind law before shifting gears to other areas of students coupled with education. The editors state, After refusing to spend all the money Congress authorized for his promising No Child Left Behind law, Mr. Bush now wants to expand the laws mandatory testing requirements to high schools. He also wants to spend an extra $52 million to make advanced placement programs more widely available to high achievers. I do not disagree with what Mr. Bush wants to do at the high school level and for the high achievers but we must start from the base level of our education system. Sometimes I wonder whether or not Mr. Bush really understands that the quality of our public schools directly affects us all as parents, students, and as US citizens. Too many children in America today are being segregated by low expectations, illiteracy, and self-doubt. Children will continue to be left behind in this constantly changing world that demands more and more complex skills to enter the workforce if something is not put into place soon. The editors point out a couple key issues that Mr. Bush needs to address and one that I agree is most imperative is to increase the spending for tutoring and teacher training. It makes little or no sense to expand the laws mandatory testing requirements in high schools without first building a good foundation for the grade schools. Without a good solid starting point children will continue to fall behind in their basic academic skills such as reading and mathematics if we continue to cut funds and shift money to other areas of education. As the editors state, the No Child Left Behind law ...

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