Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ethics in Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics in Human Resource Management - Essay Example .. Any other form of imprudent or non-diligent conduct by a financial advisor or any failure to protect client’s interests contravenes these duties and constitutes a breach of the fiduciary relationship (Koslowski, 2009, p. 39) Similarly, bankers will have to devise approaches that will not only cater to the needs of their clients but also comply with the needs of the â€Å"society as a whole† (Clerk, 2011 p. 5). Customers are the most important asset of a business, and they must be dealt with the most efficient way possible. Nevertheless, social responsibility should not be taken for granted; thus, â€Å"practitioners of ethical banking make the choice to only finance projects and organizations that contribute to a more sustainable society and they define absolute criteria about who they will lend money to† (Clerck, 2011 p. 5). There are several approaches that a bank may sustain in order to strengthen the aforementioned values in its employees. It may employ a â€Å"Customer Satisfaction Appraisal† program that will give opportunities for clients to voice out their opinion on the services provided, as well as their evaluation of the specific bank officer that handles each of their account.

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