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Indonesia Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Indonesia Environment - Essay Example Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia. This country comprises of 17 000 islands. Of these islands, 6 000 are inhabited. Nonetheless, the name Indonesia originates from the Greek language, and means â€Å"island.† This could therefore, be attributed to the numerous islands that make up the country. The immediate neighbor countries of Indonesia include Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, to the north and east, respectively. The country of Indonesia is known for being part of the â€Å"ring of fire.† This has the largest number of active volcanoes in the world today. In addition, Indonesia is known for its frequent earthquakes, and this is quite related with its active vulcanicity (BBC News Web). According to the BBC News (Web), Indonesia is a highly diverse and multicultural country. It has high ethnic diversity, and is home to more than 300 local languages. Indonesia hosts diverse cultures and indigenous beliefs. The people living in Indonesia, who are of different cu ltures adopt varying lifestyles. These range from the rural hunter-gatherers to the urban elites. The people’s staple food is rice, and side dishes include vegetables and meat. With regard to religion, Indonesia has a population that mainly consists of Muslims. This country is known for having the world’s largest Muslim population. According to Friends of Indonesia (Web), the religious systems found in Indonesia include a wide variety of beliefs, of which 90% claim to be of the Islamic religion. Although Indonesia is known to be the country with the largest Muslim population, the Islamic practices and beliefs of Indonesian Muslims vary slightly from the mainstream Islam. Apart from Islam, Indonesia also hosts other religious groups including Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamatic Animism, Christianity, and Greek Paganism, among others (Friends of Indonesia Web). Nonetheless, because of the dominance of the Islamic religion in Indonesia, other religions have become unpopular, eve n as more people shift from their religions to Islam. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia. With regard to the economy of Indonesia, the country is known to be the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The nature of the economy of Indonesia is mixed, whereby the government and private sector contributes significantly to the economy. The country engages in exportations, and was in the past years ranked among the top 30 top exporters in the world. Indonesia mainly exports to Japan, the U.S.A., Singapore, and China. In addition, the country also imports goods from China, Singapore, and Japan. Furthermore, natural resources are important to the economy of a country, and contribute to a country’s economy. Indonesia is endowed with a variety of natural resources, which have a significant influence on the country’s economy. These include crude oil, coal, gold, tin, copper, and natural gas (The Economist Web). The country exports some of its natural resources, and imports chemi cals, foodstuffs, machinery, fuels, and equipment, among others. According to The Economist (Web), Indonesia in the past years has shown great economic prowess and sustainability as compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. The booming economy of Indonesia had attracted many investors in the Indonesian market. Additionally, there was a high demand for

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