Friday, October 4, 2019

Issue in my community (I live in Mecklenburg County which is in Case Study

Issue in my community (I live in Mecklenburg County which is in Charlotte, NC) - Case Study Example Unemployment occurs when people who are willing and able to work cannot find jobs appropriate to their level of expertise. This issue is highly prevalent in this community. In January 2012, the unemployment rate was 9.8%, which was less than the previous month but is still greater than the state-wide average which was 9.5%. As a result of this issue of unemployment, the citizens of Mecklenburg are forced to seek help even for basic survival. They need help even for basic necessities like food, housing, clothing etc. The unemployment rate rose from 9% in April to 9.6%in May2012 (Charlotte Business Journal, Web). This increase can has serious implications for the community as a whole. People who are unemployed look for other ways to earn income due to which the crime rate might also increase. It is really important to find the causes of this increase in unemployment in order to solve the issue completely. One of the major reasons of high unemployment is the lack of educational opportun ities for the citizens of Mecklenburg County. The leaders of the country should introduce reforms so that equal educational opportunities are given to all the citizens. Quality education is extremely important for the future of a country as the children who are educated today will be the leaders of the country tomorrow. ... Due to unemployment and illiteracy, people get involved in illegal activities and as a result, the crime rate of the country also rises. As a result of these criminal records, people find it even harder to get jobs as employers do background checks to ensure the credibility of the employee or applicant. This further increases the unemployment and affects the entire country as a whole. The people of Mecklenburg County also suffer because of lower employment opportunities available in their market. The government needs to attract foreign businesses to set up in this country which will create more employment opportunities and will benefit the citizens. This will also increase the career choices available for the youth of this country. As a result of these greater employment opportunities, the unemployed citizens will be able to will be able to support their families and the overall unemployment rates of the country would also fall. Unemployment has other disadvantages as well which affe ct the citizens as well as the entire nation as a whole. One of these is the unemployment benefits that these people would receive from the government. As a result of this, the working population would have to pay more for the rising cost of these benefits and more burdens would be placed on them. Another disadvantage is that the government might reduce its public spending such as on schools, healthcare etc. In the long run, this would result in fewer jobs and a higher unemployment rate. In economic terms, unemployed labor of Mecklenburg County is a waste of its resources as total output falls and the tax revenue also falls. The tax revenue paid for

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