Thursday, September 26, 2019

4 Questions about autobiography, biography, diary and letter writing Essay

4 Questions about autobiography, biography, diary and letter writing - Essay Example This biography clearly brings out the man and his impact in the world, especially in terms of musical transformation (Guralnick, 2012). Autobiographies, on the other hand involve stories compiled about an individual’s life but written by those particular people (Jolly, 2013). These individuals narrate their life and times. The Autobiography of Malcolm  X  is a good example. This autography was first written in 1965 by Malcolm explaining his life since childhood, the death of his father to his life as a human rights activist (Malcolm, 2001). Delafield (2009) says that a diary is a record of events in someone’s’ life compiled in one document. Diaries may be compiled over a limited time period such as a year, week or even month. The author also notes that diaries are narrated by the specific subjects and are usually for those persons specifically as opposed to biographies, autobiographies or even letters (Delafield, 2009). Simply, diaries are daily journal of daily events, such as one’s thoughts, actions, moods or actions. Pepys’ diary is a valid example. This diary was kept from January 1660 and records his daily life for about ten years, his women, friends, and businesses. He also explains his insecurities, worries, and irritable relationship with his spouse (Pepys, 2010). Lastly, Delafield (2009) explains that letters are a form of communication that confidential, personal or private in nature. Letters are also defined as notes that are written to friends or families. Letters, as Delafield (2009) says must have a recipient. An emphasis on the Paston Letters would explain this. These letters entail a collection of notes that consist of the messages from the members of the Paston family. From the letters, one could easily trace the state papers and other vital documents that were compiled by that particular family (Gairdner, 2008). These letters were sent to various recipients who had an interest with the family. As seen in the

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