Friday, September 13, 2019

Buyer Behaviour and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Buyer Behaviour and Analysis - Essay Example Consumers believe that a good brand name symbolizes high quality. The purpose of this study is to identify the reasons behind the adherence of consumers towards products that have a high brand image. Developing a good brand image is every firm’s objective. It helps to gain superior advantage over other firm in the industry and leads to generating higher sales. In order to develop brand image it is essential that the product is of high quality and meets customer requirements correctly. In respect of consumer behaviour, it is seen that consumers are largely driven towards purchasing those products that have a good brand image. High brand image indicate better quality products which helps attracting greater number of consumers. In case of high end products, brand image is also associated with luxury and greater social impact. A healthy brand image is therefore seen to influence consumer behaviour in a positive way (Nandan, 2005). The market for a single product can be flooded with numerous brands. It becomes difficult for consumers to decide which one is of the best quality. Instead of wasting time analyzing each brand, they are motivated to buy those products that already have a good reputation in the market. Consumers believe that quality and reputation go hand in hand. When consumers purchase a product that has a high brand image they automatically develop a trust upon the brand and view it to be of high quality (Jamal and Goode, 2001). Many consumers feel an increased level of satisfaction when they use a product that has high brand image. Brands are seen to infuse certain emotions and actions upon the behaviour of consumers. Such cognitive and virtual attributes of brand image drives consumer’s into purchasing specific products. It is seen that when an individual wears a branded watch, they experience a higher level of satisfaction although there is technically not much of a difference between a branded watch and an

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