Sunday, September 8, 2019

Week 7 discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week 7 discussion - Essay Example Each pair of students will stand at the end of a one hundred meters track stretch. Along the track, there will be minor obstacles such as ankle length huddles, tires and a simple block puzzle. One student leads another blind folded student through the obstacles to the end of the track where they will â€Å"tap you are it† the other half of the team and they will go through the same process. . The students, in their respective groups, will carry out the obstacle race activity under strict supervision. It is imperative that the gym instructor is present. Also, the winning team will get small gifts like â€Å"cool† pens. The concept here is to provide a fun way to explore the importance of meaningful interpersonal relationships. The blind fold is crucial to introduce the aspect of human dependence. The students, within the groups, will comprise of different genders, race and ethnic background; the aim is to show that human cooperation goes beyond societal prejudices. The obstacles will make the activity more challenging and competitive. This activity is a break from other activities such as watching films that have graphic scenes of acts of intolerance in society such as racial prejudice. Also, the aspect of fairness will be brought out as the gym instructor and I oversee the activity to ensure that the winner is legitimate. Good morning class? Please confirm that your attire is well won, fitting and shoe laces are well tied to avoid any accidents. In previous lessons, the subject of tolerance and meaningful human interactions has concentrated on books with literature on heroes such as†¦ (The students should then raise their hands to give relevant examples). However, this class needs a practical example on how to set aside differences and work as one human entity. I will divide the students into groups of four, two girls and two boys (it will not be evident to the students that the groups are heterogeneous in

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